The SHANTALA baby and child art of massage

is a well-respected ancient massage modality, from which most other infant massage methods have developed. Defined by its simplicity and mesmerizing rhythmic movements it is relaxing, enhances a baby or child's sense of security, their sleep patterns as well as their immune-systems. It also promotes a healthy bonding process, and helps with self-regulation.

As an art that was passed down from mother to daughter for centuries, SHANTALA Massage is something that each parent can do. It is an easy to learn routine that one can perform without any knowledge of the body’s more specific anatomy. The technique is without any manipulation and/or muscle work, just a series of gentle, relaxing, rhythmic strokes. One could define the SHANTALA Massage as a natural way of touching and relating to one’s baby. It is effective for children that naturally love to be touched, but also for babies and children that have difficulties accepting touch.

History of Shantala Massage.

The history of Shantala Massage in the Western world began when Frédérick Leboyer met a lady named Shantala while traveling in India...
He took inspiration from Mrs Shantala and later published a book entitled: "Shantala: un art traditionnel, le massage des enfants" ( 1976 )
ISBN: 2020044269 which depicts the art of baby massage.

For Parents.
Instructors of Shantala Massage ® worldwide.

You could intuitivly massage your baby right from the first days of its life.
If you didn't have earlier experiences with massage, a tutor could be of use. The role of the instructor is to support you during a 4-week long process where you meet with them and, with guidance, massage your baby under supervision.
The instructor must not touch the baby.
We also offer CD's of music composed specially for Shantala Massage ® [ EAN: 5903802490411 ], which has unique characteristics that support the relaxation of the child.

For family members.
Shantala Body Touch ® massage.

We encourage you to learn a simple technique of Shantala Body Touch ® massage ( relaxation massage for adolescents and adults, including women during pregnancy ). Then you can give a gift from your heart to other family members.
Relaxation lowers the overall life stress level, maximizes your IQ potential and encourages good sleep.

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